Saturday, October 20, 2012

After movie thoughts

The Other Boleyn Girl.

I don't know why, but I just feel like sharing some thoughts. perhaps due to the heavy rain weather these few days or maybe because of my little dizzy head that wants some way out.

The scene started with three kids playing and ended with the same. What different was, they were not the same three kids.

Anne, Mary and George were siblings with strong bonds. I like their bond. However, when hatreds/competition come into the play, they broken apart. Anne was the attractive, adventurous, straight forward and confident girl which was oppose from Mary, who was rather shy and less ambitious than Anne.

I personally think it was their father (Thomas) and the uncle (Norfolk) who made the family tragedy happened. They were too obsessed with the power and wealth that gained from making the King happy and helping him to have a male heir. They find all sort of ways to promote Anne but instead Mary was the one gained better attention from the King. I guess it was due to Anne's over confident and showoff attitude that made the King a little hurt in his pride. And that was why he chose Mary to be his mistress. Mary was the typical caring and shy lady. *though she was married to another guy at that time*

This is where I felt totally ouch! I was not sure how true the history of this but seeing how the daughters of old times would sacrifice themselves and how the upper society allowed such act really somehow amazed me O.O Anne and Mary fought for that freaking King and ended up no good. Well, Mary was smart enough to leave the court (palace) when she had the chance. *forcefully kicked out by her sister, Anne* Thing was, Mary had the King's son!!!

Anne was exiled to France and from there she learnt how to manipulate better by keeping a distance from the King and asking him to divorce the Queen. *I have to say she was good yet she had over the line* she asked for the it. The disharmony between her and the King after she had her hands to be the Queen. Too bad, she did not give birth a male and the King was desperately needing a son hence he went looking for another potential mistress. *dirty!*

I do understand the reasons behind of these acts but understanding them and accepting them are totally different. How could Anne came out with the idea of having sex with her brother George after her miscarriage so that the King would not know?! The feeling of disgust came right away the moment Anne looking at George. OMG!!! and hella Mary did not stop them by dragging one of them away instead of saying what *may God forgive you both* something?!!!!  

shoot me!

Ironically, it was not the son by Mary who became the King. It was the girl who gave birth by Anne, Elizabeth. Just like her mother, E was a tough Queen.

Speaking of the upper class society. Hmm... you have the power, you have everything. And sadly, it is still practicing today. *SIGH* The King got his hands on each women he wanted and can kick somebody out from the country just like that *oh yea! can order to kill too*. Well, I do sometimes hope I have power and money. Who doesn't? Thanks to the unfair world and because of the unfair, we strive for better. And that's where the hopes come in. It makes us believe that we could improve and be better.

weather: heavy rain


Saturday, September 01, 2012


家 真的不能有人生病

然后 大家跟着生病了



生病后的她 更糟糕
可是 每人都尽量让着

妹说 每个人的忍耐有限
就 好 了

我怎么还在家 没工作
但 我也不想啊




家 会 很乱




Friday, August 24, 2012














天气: 雨后
心情: 不清楚

Monday, August 20, 2012


啊!原来我抛弃这部落格很长一段时间了... 花了点时间读回之前的posts,回忆真的象电影里般地回顾。心情故事,亲人离开,美国日子,生活小事,等等... 一一地在脑海里重复。当时的感觉,当时的环境原来不曾离开。它们不过换了另一种方式在心里脑里徘徊着。

Saturday, January 01, 2011

happy 2011!!!

and i have diarrhea on the very 1st of January of 2011... ha ha ha!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a delayed long time ago story.

hi friends,

as the title says it, it was long time ago...


i forgot what i wanted to tell and say.

it's most probably regarding my 3-4 months lost in Malaysia but somewhere around in US life.

for your information, there were way too many things happened.

sad? not really, unless you are saying that working as housekeeping and ppl are making fun of it.

happy? i miss those superb scoops of ice-creams, its creaminess and crunchyness of the cones. the companions i get from time to time, where you seldom hav time to be alone because everyone is finding everyone to hang out.

bitter? when it comes to no one finds you, and you found out that they actually forgot about you.

joyous? the gathering of all people, the laughters from all cultures, the out of mind dancing and drinking with friends.

depressed? when you got to wash the toilet bowls every single day and sometimes have to flush for those who did not flush which i absolutely have no idea why they don't flush. and to unclog those clogged ones.

challenges? oh yeah... you got to find ways to fill up the toilet rolls in each toilets by getting rolls from different sources/department because your upper level management apparently did not order the supplies earlier. find ways to work less without anyone knowing it *secret*

misery? erm... basically this happened when i suddenly lost in the middle of the night thinking why the hell am i here working as a 'cleaner' which in fact i might be a psychologist in the future. or when i was looking at the group of happy people around me but cannot feel the happiness or joining into the conversation.

fortunate? so glad that i was actually there and got to meet many sweethearts. they are all so friendly, regardless of faking it or not first. at least, they did not hurt. we are all still keeping in touch through facebook, msn and postcards for those who are still travelling. i don't know how long will this last, at least, i own them now.

gratitude? thanks to my mom that supported my financial to pay all the fees and my initial living cost. i really did want to pay her back yet considering the position i was working as, i really did not earn extra. i got back what i spent for the programme. and for those i used for my travelling and some shopping. and to people that i met there, it was such a pleasure to know you all.

satisfaction? from the scale of 1-10... i rate it 7.5. the people were nice, the place i worked wasn't that bad just that you might need to find more hours to get more money. the weather was unbelievably cool, the whole island was like a fairyland where you find no cars but horse carriages. at times, rabbits/squirrels/frogs/birds are found everywhere near you. i did not rate it a 10/10 so that i have a reason for me to go back there some time in the future.

i realize how lovely the place was after i left. it was an island surrounded with exquisitely beautiful environment, weather, animals and most importantly the people and friends.

i'm positive sure that i miss the place so much not only because of the place, it's because the memories i had with you. my friends.

the time we spent.

the drinks we drank.

the street we walked.

the road we cycled.

the view we saw.

the ice-cream we ate.

the stars we counted.

the people we talked.

the bars we went.

the photos we took.

all the little little moments we shared.

i miss.

remember i said something about 10years later bring our own family there and have a gathering? i think it might work though. maybe not all with the family, but hopefully i'll be there. at least the one suggested got to be there right?